Moving and Pets



We love our Pets!

Two Men Pets


Here we have all of the office staff’s pets in one place! We have all moved in the last few years, and while moving is stressful for us, it’s potentially even more stressful for our pets! Whether you love dogs, cats, fish, snakes, or pet rocks, here are some tips for moving with your pet and keeping him or her safe:


  1. Do not keep your pet at home when you move. Pets can have anxiety about moving, and being in a safe place with people that they trust is better than being in a home where items are being moved in and out of all day. See if you can keep your pet at a family member’s house or a friend’s place for the day. Or, if you have a dog, try one of Chattanooga’s local Doggie Day Care centers. Our Sales and Marketing manager, Casey, takes her dog to The Ark Pet Spa and Hotel.
  2. While we hope your furry friends adjust to their new homes, they often get homesick, too. If he or she takes off running, it might be to look for your old home. Luckily, with microchipping available, anyone who finds Frodo or Sadie and takes him/her to a shelter or vet will be able to locate you.
  3. Buy a new name tag. Attach a new name tag to your pet with updated information.
  4. If you are moving fish, remember to use tank water and a small container to place them in. Transport fish in your personal vehicle and do not use freshwater straight from the sink or tap.
  5. If you do choose to keep your pet at the home you are moving out of, make sure your TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® movers are aware. Keep your pet in a fence or a separate room.
  6. Give your pets extra love and do a “walk-through” of your new location with them. Remember, your pets will be just as anxious as you are, but with a little extra love and care they will adjust quickly to their new homes!

Movers for Moms®

This week in the office we’ve been trying to fit donations into our Movers for Moms® Boxes!

What is Movers for Moms®? It is our annual campaign to raise awareness and to collect much needed donations for women and children living in local shelters. Each year, franchises across the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system nationally and locally organize and collect donations to give to women in need and their families. Here in Chattanooga we give the donations to the Partnership for Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter. In 2015, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system-wide collected 230,000 donation items for moms in need across the country.

This year, we have gathered many wonderful donations from the Chattanooga community already. Last week we received generous donations in our office of soap, towels, sheets, shampoos, conditioners, and more! We are still in great need of art supplies, clothing, toothpaste, feminine products, and diapers. We have many local businesses who have offered to help and who have donation boxes ready to collect and help us with this campaign! We could not do it without you. In addition, if you have larger items to donate including furniture, please give our office a call! We will come pick it up from you and take it to our holding center until Mother’s Day. Make your mother proud by making another mother smile!


Movers for Moms Donations

Moving and Marriage

Good Morning! We’re here getting ready for 3 weddings in the office and time flies when you’ve got three homes to merge. Thankfully, we work for a great company that provides all the moving and packing supplies we need here in our office for when the time comes! (all three are this Fall!) Our supply of dish cells, bubble wrap, ink-less packing paper, and sturdy tape will definitely come in handy. Over the years, we have moved many people into merged homes. Here are some tips for combining households:

  1. Create a Donation Box. Donate all items that you and your spouse have two of. Got an extra toaster? There are plenty of charities around that would be very appreciative of your donation!
  2. Decide which room to place each item and label boxes accordingly.
  3. Sell expensive items that you might have two of. Do you have two brand new Keurig Coffee Makers? Sell one and use the extra cash for rent, buying your dream home, or to put in savings.
  4. Agree on basic items you still need to purchase and wait until the move is over to buy them. It is better to move in with less clutter than too much.
  5. Spring Cleaning is in Season! Clean, declutter, and spend some time outdoors while  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® takes care of your packing, moving, and rearranging in your new homes!