Moving and Marriage

Good Morning! We’re here getting ready for 3 weddings in the office and time flies when you’ve got three homes to merge. Thankfully, we work for a great company that provides all the moving and packing supplies we need here in our office for when the time comes! (all three are this Fall!) Our supply of dish cells, bubble wrap, ink-less packing paper, and sturdy tape will definitely come in handy. Over the years, we have moved many people into merged homes. Here are some tips for combining households:

  1. Create a Donation Box. Donate all items that you and your spouse have two of. Got an extra toaster? There are plenty of charities around that would be very appreciative of your donation!
  2. Decide which room to place each item and label boxes accordingly.
  3. Sell expensive items that you might have two of. Do you have two brand new Keurig Coffee Makers? Sell one and use the extra cash for rent, buying your dream home, or to put in savings.
  4. Agree on basic items you still need to purchase and wait until the move is over to buy them. It is better to move in with less clutter than too much.
  5. Spring Cleaning is in Season! Clean, declutter, and spend some time outdoors while  TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® takes care of your packing, moving, and rearranging in your new homes!

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