Only Two Men and One Truck?

Our company name can be somewhat deceiving. When people think of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® , they often think of just that – two movers and only one truck. However, we are much more than that.

We have a team of men with over 20 trucks at our Chattanooga location!

We are a FULL service moving company meaning, we take care of it all for your home or your business needs. Whether it involves packing up your entire kitchen or moving all your belongings from Chattanooga to your new home in Nashville.

If you need us to come out and move just one heavy object like a piano or gun-safe, we can do that. Sometimes we are even called to rearrange furniture in entire rooms during a renovation project, or just to refresh a rooms’ appearance!

We offer several options that you can choose from to create a personalized moving experience. We also offer moving and storage services that include, professionally trained movers, expedited delivery, exclusive use of our trucks, online shipment tracking so you can find out the status of your interstate moving shipment in real time.  We will also provide full-service packing or do-it-yourself packing in which we just supply the packing materials.

You tell us what you want, and we will deliver – literally! We know that moving is a stressful thing and we try to make it the best possible experience for you.

Call us today 423-893-3450  or use our online tool for a free quote on your next move!



Movers for Moms®2016: Final Thoughts



Movers for Moms® this year was a phenomenal success! Thanks to our Chattanooga community and partners throughout town, we collected over 3,500 donations to give to the Partnership for Women and Families Domestic Violence Shelter. Our final number for donations given is 3,554! We donated furniture including a baby bed and a couple of strollers, over 100 body wash and lotion items, 16 sets of sheets, and over 200 articles of clothing (just to name a few!).

Below, you see our HR Specialist, Michelle, posing with one of the strollers we received to donate:



We love giving back to our community. It is one of our core values, and my personal favorite!



Here we are wrapping up at the unload:



Thank you Chattanooga Community!